Can my HBE Internet service be temporarily paused for Illegal downloading of media content?
Yes.  Your HBE Internet account can be temporarily paused for downloading copyrighted material such as Music, Movies, TV shows, ETC.  The company that HBE buys their Fiber connection through sends HBE emails telling HBE which IP Address is doing the Illegal data transmission.  HBE then puts a temporary pause on the account until the customer calls HBE.  Once HBE talks with the customer and explains to them the EXACT TIME AND CONTENT that was downloaded and the customer agrees to un-install the program that is doing the Illegal downloading from their device and DELETES THE ILLEGAL FILES, the service will be turned by on.  If this problem continues from the customer HBE has the right to permanently disconnect the customer’s service after being told about Illegal downloads 3 Times.
Customer Porprietary Network Information (CPNI)
Customer Proprietary Network Information, or “CPNI” is information generated by the telecommunications services we provide to our customers – currently, this is limited to voice calling and relates to the type, quantity, destination, technical configuration, location, and amount of use of the telecommunications and interconnected VoIP services you purchase from us, as well as related billing information. CPNI does not include customers’ names, addresses, or phone numbers—we do, nonetheless, treat that information with care.

Under federal law, you have a right, and we have a duty, to protect the confidentiality of CPNI.

HBE Internet has implemented policies and procedures to help ensure our compliance with the CPNI rules adopted by the Federal Communications Commitsion (FCC), and we continually review our compliance. We also certify our compliance to the FCC annually. HBE will not intentionally use, access, or disclose your CPNI to third parties without your permission, except as allowed by the FCC’s rules or under applicable law enforcement requests. We are committed to protecting our customers’ CPNI and complying with the FCC’s CPNI rules. Questions and/or concerns may be directed to support@hbeark.com. The FCC’s CPNI Rules are set forth in 47 C.F.R. § 64.2001 et seq.

Do you need a phone line to get HBE Internet service?
NO. You do not need a traditional phone line to have HBE Internet. Also, HBE Internet offers VOIP Phone service if you need a home phone service other than your cell phone.
Does HBE Internet require a contract, and if so, how long?
NO.  HBE Internet does not require a contract.
Does HBE Internet use satellite to deliver high speed internet?
NO.  HBE Internet brings high speed internet to your home or business via land based Towers.  This means the service is much faster to respond than typical satellite internet services.  Faster response times means pages will appear on your computer quicker.  Also gaming will be much more responsive than satellite internet.
Does HBE offer VoIP Phone service and do they prioritize voice data?
Yes to both questions.  HBE does offer residential and Business VoIP phone service.  The VoIP data is prioritized over the other data because VoIP data does not retransmit if it does not go through on the first attempt like normal internet data.  This should not cause any slow down of normal data downloading or uploading.
How do I get more than one computer or other internet device to work on HBE Internet?
A router is installed when the regular installation is completed.  HBE service techs have these items on the service truck.  A company rep should go over this when scheduling your installation and feel free to ask him or her at that time.
If HBE comes out to my house to do an installation and it will not work will I be charged?
NO.  If an installation is scheduled and it turns out that there is not good signal at your location you, the customer, are not charged.
If I need more bandwidth than my current package offers does HBE offer bigger packages?
Yes HBE Internet offers many different packages.  HBE has the most popular packages listed on the www.hbeinternet.com website with a detailed description of what you can expect each package to produce in ‘real world’ usage.  It will list the number of devices and or TV’s that can be connected and what services such as streaming that can work on each package.  NOTE:  Bandwidth streaming estimates or based on the Netflix service.
What are the possible reasons my service could be temporarily paused or internet access blocked?
The most common reason for an HBE Internet account to have service temporarily blocked or paused in due to LACK OF PAYMENT.  If, after 5 attempts to run your credit card for monthly payment and your account does not accept the debit, your account will be temporarily paused.  You will know this by a page that appears on your computer or TV screen telling you to call the office @ 870-423-6223.  Once payment has been made your account will be set back to it’s regular status.  There are NO additional fees for service being temporarily paused or turned by to regular status.
What do I do if I have problems with my internet?
Call HBE Internet.  We will be happy to help you with any problem you have with your internet.  If the problem turns out to be a problem not related to HBE Internet we will try and help you with what options are available to you.
What is involved in installation?
A 15 – 24” panel antenna or dish antenna is mounted on the home structure, adjacent structure, or put on a pole outside the home or business and one Cat5e cable is brought into the home or business. The cable is connected to one computer or to a router to be distributed to multiply computers or internet devices.
What payment options do I have for my monthly fee payment for service?
Monthly payment options or automatic drafts from a checking, savings, or debit or credit card. These auto drafts will happen on the first day of the month.
Will my computer work with HBE Internet?
Most all computers that have been purchased within the last few years will work with HBE Internet.  If you are not sure ask a company rep when you are scheduling your installation.