HBE/Yakabit Virtual PBX

HBE/Yakabit Custom Virtual Cloud Based PBX Server

HBE Engineers begin the process of building a Custom Virtual Cloud Based PBX Server. HBE aquires the latest quality Engineered hardware servers available as the base structure for building there customer PBX's.

Once the client has been through a series of conversations with their HBE Sales Team the Engineers are ready to start to custom build that business' Virtual PBX Server.

Below are just 'a few' of the custom features you might find on an HBE PBX:

* Integration of Desktop and Wireless VoIP Phones
* Line and Phone number arrangement
* Custom Auto Attendant message (s) setup
* Custom Auto Attendant Holiday 'auto rollover' messages
* Multiple Voice Mail Boxes setup for select extensions
* If Applies, integration with existing or new intercom system
* Fax integration into the Phone network
* Intergration of exisitng or new Credit Card processing

As stated above the HBE (Yakabit) business phone Engineers can set up your custom network the way YOU would like for it to function.

Why HBE/Yakabit and YeaLink?

The On-premise installation method sets high thresholds for terminal devices.  Stability, compatibility, security level and functionality are key factors to consider when purchasing. Yealink and YAKABIT deliver terminal solutions that cover various demands for enterprises and service providers. Excellent compatibility gives our clients peace of mind even when choosing their VOIP solution.  Yealink's excellent equipment and compatibility and HBE’s custom built Virtual PBX lead your firm down a positive and productive road.  Both are leaders in their fields and have years of business experience to bring to your company.

On-Premise Solution

  • ALL HBE phone networks are set up using a SECURE VPN (Virtual Private Network) between the phones and the PBX.  This means that you can deploy these phones out on the Internet at different Branch locations as well as have your sales people who are working from their homes have safe and SECURE EXTENSIONS wherever they are located!
  • HBE/Yakabit a Leading on-premise IP-VoIP Phone provider, and Yealink’s comprehensive IP phone solutions offer extensive compatibility. Advantages and benefits include:
  • SIP standards-based Yealink IP phones register effortlessly with HBE/YAKABIT PBX servers, allowing extension-to-extension dialing, multimedia calls (voice and video) and other functions.
  • Yealink IP phones support PBX functions and bring advance functions into full play, including BLA/BLF, Intercom/Paging, Call Park, Call Pickup, Call Return and more.
  • HBE/Yakabit configured YEALINK IP phones feature plug-and-play deployment. Simply by selecting Yealink’s IP phone model in IP-PBX system, auto provisioning (mass deployment) of IP Phones can be achieved, saving considerable time and human resources.
  • With the open XML API, HBE/Yakabit Engineers along with Yealink allows for the in-depth customization of the functions and interface of IP phones.
Highest Quality
Low Ping times – Low Packet Loss – No Buffering
Custom Packages
Remote Desktop – More Upload – VPN – VoIP
7 Day Support
Monday – Saturday 3 P.M. Field Support – Monday – Sunday Phone Support

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